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The Connection Between Your Skin and Your Diet

Many people rely on their skincare routine to be the only thing to bring them clear, glowing, and youthful skin. While you should be aware of what you are putting on your skin, that is not the only factor that will give you the results that you’re looking for. What you digest has a significant effect on the health of every organ in your body – including your skin! Your skin acts as a backup for your liver when it is overburdened with toxins that need to be eliminated. When your skin begins to eliminate these toxins, it can cause a multitude of skin issues and even make your skin age faster. It’s no surprise that a healthy diet should...

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The Right Order to Apply Your Skincare Products

Many people don’t realize how important having a skincare routine is, but it is more common that people just don’t know the correct order that they should apply their skincare products. It is often believed that it is a simple wash-and-go process, but there is an art to the best skin care routines. Having the right routine will help you produce the best results and care for your skin the way it should be cared for. What is the best process? There are good reasons that there is a specific order to use your products. Some enhance the features of other products, some prepare the skin for the next product, and some provide your skin with the nourishment that it...

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The Benefits of Vitamin C Cream

Using vitamin C as a topical has been the talk of the town for a little while now, but that’s no surprise considering all its benefits. It is full of antioxidants to protect against free radicals, it improves healing responses in your skin, and even helps reduce the appearance of scars or acne marks. Our Vitamin C Cream even takes it a step farther and contains sodium ascorbyl phosphate, which is a vitamin C derivative that is even better for your skin! How Does it Help Your Skin? The antioxidants contained in Vitamin C have been proven to help protect your skin from free radicals. This means that they can develop and repair themselves without abnormalities. Free radicals in our...

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Why Your Skin Care Routine is Important

Many people don’t realize just how important a skin care routine really is. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It works incredibly hard to protect our bodies every day from harmful elements in our environment. Taking care of your skin is a true necessity because it helps this organ do its job longer and more efficiently. This can be done through a simple daily skincare routine. Reasons Why You Should Have a Skincare Routine. Preventing skin problems is easier than trying to treat them. Taking the time to take care of your skin in a daily routine is much easier than seeing dermatologists or trying to correct skin issues later. In most cases, skin issues are a...

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Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum: What Does it Do?

Hyaluronic Acid is not the newest ingredient on the market, but it has been tried and proven throughout the past. Though the word “acid” is somewhat misleading, you can rest assured that hyaluronic acid isn’t harsh on your skin at all. In reality, it’s a highly beneficial ingredient. This article will explain why it should be included in your skincare routine daily. What Exactly is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural compound that is found within our bodies. Nearly one-third of the HA in our bodies is found in our skin. It one of the strongest components in our extra-cellular matrix that provides the tissue with structural support. It binds with water present in your skin in order...

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