Reasons Why You Should Add Face Toner to Your Beauty Routine

Reasons Why You Should Add Face Toner to Your Beauty Routine

Vivek Srivastava

When it comes to beauty routines, toner is perhaps one of the most ambiguous products – many who use it don’t fully understand what it does. To help clarify and answer your most pressing questions, we’ve put together a handy dandy guide on the ins and outs of toner—including the best toner for acne!

What does toner do?

Toners do many things, depending on their specific chemical makeups. There are toners that work best for acne, toners for oily complexions, and toners for uneven skin tone. Toners also:

1.  Minimize the look of large pores

While toner cannot shrink large pores, it can decrease the appearance of their size. Large pores are most common for those with oily and combination skin. When dirt, makeup, and dead skin become trapped in these pores, it can make them appear larger than they actually are. These particles can also stretch pores, making them even larger than they were before. Toners are able to go deep into pores and strip them of any residue that face wash might have left behind. This is also why toners are so beneficial for people who are prone to acne. The best toners for acne remove acne causing bacteria before it can cause a breakout.

best toner for acne2.  Restores skin PH balance

Skin is naturally acidic – on a PH scale from 0 to 14, it falls between five and six. Cleansers can have a negative impact on the PH balance of skin, causing it to work overtime to return to normal levels. This can explain your skin suddenly producing more oil than usual. The best toners for acne help to restore this balance quickly, keeping an acne breakout at bay.

3.  Protects skin barrier

On the daily, our skin comes into contact with environmental stressors, like pollution, chemicals, and smoke. Too much of this exposure can lead to visible signs of premature aging. The best toners for acne help protect the skin barrier by tightening cell gaps and closing pores after cleansing, reducing the ability for impurities and contaminants to penetrate and settle into pores.

4.  Moisturizes

Toner is great for adding extra hydration to the skin, and it should be applied before any additional lotions. Dampening your face with toner makes it more susceptible to the benefits of moisturizer. The Best toner for acne is a humectants, which means it helps bind moisture to the skin.

5.  Refreshes

The best toners for acne are mid-day refreshers, especially if you are prone to oiliness and acne, because it revitalizes your skin while you’re on the go.

When should Toner be used?

The best toner for acne is best used after cleansing, both during the day and night, to help clear away any grime, makeup, and dead skin cells that may have been missed during washing. Since molecules better penetrate the skin when wet, toner should be applied immediately after cleansing. Waiting a minute or longer can reduce results from active ingredients. Follow your toner with any moisturizers, serums, SPFs, and creams that form part of your daily routine.

How to Apply Toner?

The best toner for acne can be applied in several ways. You can dispense a generous amount onto a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face. This is a great way to notice what your cleanser missed! If you prefer to avoid cotton or disposable applicators, you can use your clean hands instead. Just pour toner into the palms of your hands and dab onto your face, gently. Click here for more details.

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