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What Does Stress Do to Your Skin?

Almost everyone is aware that stress is bad, and most of the time it’s inevitable that we have to face stressful situations. It usually causes headaches, difficulty concentrating, and even nausea in some cases. However, it also causes so many problems for your body internally, which can take a serious toll on your skin. That is why self-care should be a top priority. Skin is our largest organ, so there is a plethora of ways that stress can aggravate it. Stress triggers skin to be extra sensitive and releases cortisol and other hormones that make your body produce more oil. This could also intensify other issues you may already be suffering from. Inflammation That’s right, any condition that is associated...

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When to Apply Creams and Lotions

  Have you ever wondered when the most optimal time to apply lotion would be? Some of us keep a bottle of lotion at our desk, in our car, in our purse, and even our bedside table. While all of these are convenient places to have a bottle of lotion, have you considered putting a bottle next to your shower? That’s right, the best time to apply your lotion is after you get out of the shower or right after washing your face while your skin is still damp! In most cases, we are applying lotion because our skin already seems dry, in order to add moisture back into the skin. However, it’s much better to use a preventative approach....

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Does Oily Skin Need a Moisturizer?

Have you been skipping moisturizer because you have oily skin? Many people think that this is the best plan of action because they don’t want to add even more shine to their skin. However, you should be more concerned with hydration than adding more shine to your face. The two are often confused but are actually quite different. When you don’t hydrate because you’re afraid of adding more oil, you might actually develop more problems because your skin isn’t getting the hydration that it needs to look young and healthy. Never underestimate the power of the perfect moisturizer. By skipping moisturizer, you may be causing more oil production. It’s important to remember that oily skin does not mean that your...

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Different Types of Exfoliators

  Throughout the day, dead skin cells build up on the surface of our skin. This can cause our skin to look tired, haggard, and can even cause our skin to show signs of aging faster. Exfoliating removes these dead skin cells and makes our skin brighter, supple, and smooth. There are two types of exfoliators that are popular; physical exfoliators and chemical exfoliators. Physical Exfoliators  Physical exfoliators include anything that buffs out your skin in order to remove dead skin cells. This can include tools to aid in exfoliation (such as a loofah or facial brushes) and scrubs that can be rather abrasive. These scrubs work by rubbing particles against your skin to buff away the dead skin to...

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How Often Should You Exfoliate?

Our bodies are always producing new skin cells. However, this means that we are also always losing skin cells. As skin cells produce on the deepest layer of our skin, the top layer sheds our old skin cells. These dead cells sometimes have a difficult time sloughing off though, which makes our skin look tired, older, and can also cause acne. This is what makes exfoliating so important for everyone. Exfoliating removes these dead skin cells and renews our skin again. It makes our skin appear brighter and younger. However, over-exfoliating can lead to redness and irritation, dry or flaky skin, an increase in oil production, acne, shininess, and can even cause your skin to become more sensitive to UV...

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