Happy New Year From Luxiny

As 2023 ends, I realize it has been a while since I updated our little blog. Hopefully, in 2024, I will be better about sharing skincare tips and news as our brand grows nationally. 

Last Spring, we exhibited our products at the Minneapolis MART where we met the Sales Rep Group BPA. By the end of the show, we decided to take a leap of faith and left with BPA nearly our entire booth, and officially had representation in multiple states, 

We end the year with sales representation throughout the country. While we are still looking for a group to represent us on the East Coast, we are now represented by BPA Sales, CMA, Stack and Co., Cambridge Sales Inc., and Next Gen Dallas. 

We have permanent booths in showrooms in Vegas, Minneapolis, and Dallas. We will likely secure a spot in Atlanta next. 

This November, we attended the Grand Strand Gift & Merchandise Show hosted by Clarion Events and were honored to receive the Best Product award in the 'American Made' category.

This honor comes with a responsibility to maintain our constant emphasis on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

As our brand grows, we will develop a strong reputation for providing sustainability-friendly, high-quality beauty and wellness products at an affordable price. 

Happy new year!

Rachael Farquhar

Luxiny Products LLC

Sales Marketing and Social Media Director




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"Smooth Sailing: Essential Tips for Prepping Your Skin for a Day ( or Weekend) on the Boat"

I love summer. Nearly my entire life, I have lived within a five-minute drive of our massive Lake Huron. A trip to the lake for me and my family is much shorter than for those who travel a greater distance to spend the day at the lake.
My family and I love taking a walk along the river walk that runs through downtown Port Huron. We enjoy watching the boats on the Black River as they make their way to and from the lake.

You can tell who is prepared for their day on the lake and who isn't. Those who are prepared will wear sunglasses, a brimmed hat, and a lightweight shirt or shaw to get protection from the sun.

Those who are not prepared will be stripped down to their swimsuits, with their tanning oil glistening in the sun. Those are the ones who, four hours later, make their way back up the river with skin as red as a boiled lobster; I always wince to think about how much pain they will end up in later if they aren't already feeling it.

When planning to spend the day at the beach or on a boat, you should pack for the day and be sure to prepare your skin for exposure to the sun, wind, sand, and water.

1. Minimalize your makeup usage. Go as bare as you dare. Let's face it; you will be sweating through your makeup anyway. Why slather on foundation and layers of makeup to sweat it off?

Perfect summer moisturizer. Tea Tree Mint Face Cream

2. Be sure to moisturize thoroughly. Getting a great base coat of your favorite moisturizer (like our Tea Tree Face Cream) helps ready your skin for sunscreen. 

3. Coat yourself with sunscreen. After moisturizing, apply sunscreen to shield your skin from those harmful UV rays. Then reapply your sunscreen once you get to the beach or as soon as you get comfortable on the boat. Continue to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day. 

4. Hydrate. Drink water before you leave for the day. Your skin will thank you, especially if you plan to have a few drinks. 

 5. Rinse offCitrus Splash Beach Bar after swiming. You want to rinse off whenever you dip in a pool or a body of water. You never truly know what you are swimming in, and you want to avoid leaving chemicals, salt, or unhealthy organic material on your skin or hair. 

Try our Beach Bars. Our Citrus Splash Shampoo Bar will clean your body, as well as clean and detangle your hair. Our Citrus Splash Conditioner Bar will keep your hair and skin hydrated and moisturized. 

Bay Rum 3 in 1 shampoo body wash and conditioner

For those planning overnight trips on the boat, we have our shampoo and conditioner bars that are perfect for small spaces. Our Bay Rum Scented 3 in 1 bar is a shampoo, body wash, and conditioner all in one small bar.

Pair these shampoo and conditioner bars with our travel tins for easy storage, and toss them in your beach or overnight bag. 

You will get between 50 and 70 uses, so you are saving not space (which is valuable on a boat) but money too! 

 Keep enjoying your summer!



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Discover Natural Beauty: The Ultimate Guide to Summer Skincare for a Radiant Glow.

Lets explore the benefits of natural skincare and achieve that glowing and radiant complexion everyone wants together.

It isn't a secert that by utilizing nourishing and revitalizing resources found in nature, we can transform our skin.

Discover with us the advantages of plant-based ingredients and the effectiveness of simplicity when it comes to skincare. See how easily you can adopt a holistic approach to beauty that enhances your skin's natural radiance and promotes overall well-being.

Then simply start your journey towards achieving the radiant complexion you've always wanted.

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Wishing you a special Mother's Day from Luxiny!

She wanted to bring affordable natural skincare products to the luxury scene, so she created Luxiny—naturally Luxurious Skincare... From all of us here at Luxiny, Happy Mother's Day. We hope every mother can find time in their busy day to take a break, relax and unwind. Don't forget to treat yourself luxuriously.  

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Our Promise

We renew our promise that our bath and body products are handmade, using natural and naturally derived ingredients.

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Shampoo and Conditioner Bars - Time to Ditch Plastic

The average American goes through 11 bottles of shampoo a year. Cut that plastic footprint out of your life and try a plastic-free option. Luxiny shampoo and conditioner bars have no plastic packaging and no water used in their making.

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Fall into a new skincare routine

Unless you live in a climate with consistent temperatures and a humidity level that never changes, you need to start stocking up on what your skin will need this winter. 

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Luxiny: The All Natural American Dream

Here at Luxiny, we may not all fill our day with the same tasks, as we each have a different skill set, but we each fill our day ensuring that the products we make are of the highest quality, that the products we make meet our customers' satisfaction and that the products we make are all natural plant-based.

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My Father's Hands

Growing up in a working-class town in Michigan, most of the men in my life were considered “blue-collar” workers, even though their uniforms may or may not have had collars. 

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Is Vitamin C Cream Good for Your Face?

Are you looking for a safe and effective skin cream that works to both heal and protect your skin?

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