Habits for a More Productive Morning

Habits for a More Productive Morning

Kelly Zinzo

Most of us spend our mornings hitting the snooze button and rushing to get ready each morning after sleeping a little later than we probably should have. This often causes us to start our day stressed out and racing to get out the door so that we aren’t late. In order to change this outcome, one needs to be motivated and disciplined enough to create healthier habits. We have put together a list of suggestions that might help you become more productive in the mornings.

Visualize what you want to come out of your mornings. Think about your goals clearly and make sure that what you want is realistic. Once you have done this, you can begin writing it down and planning. Planning can seem pointless and redundant because you already know what you want to accomplish, but it really helps to have laid out in front of you. When you write it down it creates a solid commitment and it will help you avoid distractions when you see that you don’t have the extra time to partake in them.

Snooze no more! Hitting the snooze button is so tempting when our alarm goes off in the morning, but it can do more damage than good. We all want 10 more minutes of sleep, but our body isn’t wired for those short napping increments. Snoozing the alarm can even potentially make you more tired than you were when your alarm first went off! Most people don’t ever feel like getting out of their warm, cozy bed, but it’s best to just commit to it and get up when the alarm rings. Sometimes it helps to count down from five and then just do it.

Social media is a total time sucker. Try to avoid social media in the morning, because you don’t need a distracting feed first thing in the morning. It often detracts focus and attention from our own lives and puts it on other’s lives. If you stay focused on your life, goals, dreams, and aspirations, it’s easier to stay motivated and on track with the plan you created the night before.

Eat to fuel your body properly throughout the day. Providing your body with the nutrients it needs first thing in the morning helps with everything. Eating a healthy meal provides you with mental clarity, more energy, and a bonus is keeping your skin bright, clear, and glowing!

Wash your face! Washing your face or taking a shower can give you a fresh start to the day. It makes you feel clean, refreshed, and ready to face the day. The cold water from washing your face can jolt your body into feeling more awake in the best way possible.

These habit suggestions seem simple enough, but it takes hard work to change our current patterns. If you have any more good morning habit suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Luxiny has the best skin care products to help you start your morning the right way! Visit our website today if you want to know more about them or purchase them today!

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