Easy-peasy Decluttering Tasks and Tips

Easy-peasy Decluttering Tasks and Tips

Kelly Zinzo

Clutter tends to build up in our lives and cause us to become overwhelmed. Most of the time we feel too busy to take the time to tidy up a bit, when really, doing so has helped many people become more productive and efficient. We are less distracted and feel less chaotic when our environment around us has order. We can also find what we are looking for much faster when we are working in an organized setting. Even though many of us are currently facing quarantined time, organizing the entire house can still feel like a daunting task. We find it easiest to break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

Clean up kitchen counters. Maybe it’s just a few dishes that are drying after being washed, maybe it’s a bunch of random things that have accumulated. Either way, it makes things more challenging for the entire household to prepare food around all of it and this can add small frustrations to everyone who needs to use the kitchen. A quick tidy session around the kitchen shouldn’t take too long and it will make it easier to accomplish tasks in the kitchen.

Clean out that old junk drawer. You know the one I’m talking about – we all have one. The drawer that collects everything that doesn’t have a place elsewhere. It’s nothing to really be ashamed of, it just helps to clean it out occasionally so that you know exactly what you have stored in it. You may have things in there that aren’t relevant, or you don’t have use for anymore. You can also organize this drawer by using smaller boxes to keep items in there separated and easily found.

Clean out the fridge. When was the last time you did it? Let’s be honest with ourselves, because a lot of us often forget about this task. There might be some items in our fridge that we haven’t realized expired because they were tucked way back on a shelf. Just think of how nice it will be to have some extra space in your fridge for fresh items that can be eaten again. Once you have the fridge mastered, you can begin taking one or two pantry shelves at a time too!

Go through a drawer or two of clothing. Sometimes going through all our clothes at once can take too much time and cause us to avoid this chore. This is time for some moments of truth though. It’s time to let go of the things that no longer fit, that you haven’t worn in over a year, and the items that are in poor condition. We can promise you that your wardrobe will make you feel so much more confident every day by doing so. You will feel better about only holding on to the things that currently make you feel great when you wear them.

Put everything in the dining room away. Many of us use our dining room for more than just dining. It is the place for crafting, homework, monthly or weekly budgeting, and even the collector of random papers from the mailbox. It will take less time than it initially looks like. Just start removing pieces that don’t belong, throw out or recycle the papers that you no longer need, find another space for the art projects, and have the kids put their homework back in their backpacks. Once the table is tidied up, all it needs is a quick wipe down and it is ready to host family meals again.

Make a space for everything crowding your entryway. This area of the home tends to get cluttered quickly. It’s also the first visual point when you come home or have guests over. This can instantly cause your home to feel like chaos upon arrival. Have a designated place for the family to put their keys, coats, and shoes so that things aren’t thrown on the ground and left there.

Throw away old, expired products in your bathroom. Even beauty products have an expiration date. They won’t be as effective and may cause irritations or other issues. It may also be time to replace old products and purchase your favorite Luxiny products that you know you will use every day instead! This part of the job isn’t so bad when you get to treat yourself to your favorite skin care products.

Even though cleaning the house from top to bottom feels daunting, it becomes so much less stressful when it is broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks. It’s also important to remember that everything does not need to be completed in one day. Make sure that you are caring for yourself and your needs, as well as the household’s needs. Luxiny has some of the best products to show your skin some of the self-love that it’s been longing for. Visit our website for more information today!

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