When to Apply Creams and Lotions

When to Apply Creams and Lotions

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Have you ever wondered when the most optimal time to apply lotion would be? Some of us keep a bottle of lotion at our desk, in our car, in our purse, and even our bedside table. While all of these are convenient places to have a bottle of lotion, have you considered putting a bottle next to your shower? That’s right, the best time to apply your lotion is after you get out of the shower or right after washing your face while your skin is still damp!

In most cases, we are applying lotion because our skin already seems dry, in order to add moisture back into the skin. However, it’s much better to use a preventative approach. Lotion works best when it can be absorbed deeply into the skin. When our skin is wet and damp it may not seem like we need to add more moisture to our skin, but this is when your skin is able to absorb things the deepest.

If you continue to apply it when your skin is dry, you may realize that you need to reapply every couple of hours in order to keep your skin feeling soft. This approach is okay because you can apply lotion as often as you need to, though it is a good way to go through your lotion much faster than necessary. After showering, your skin cells expand and allows lotion to make its way deeper into your skin cells.

If you still find that your skin is too dry even though you’re putting lotion on immediately after a shower, you may want to try another method. For instance, try using lukewarm water instead of hot. Hot water has a tendency to dry out your skin much faster. You should also consider how much water you have been drinking lately and increase it if necessary.

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