How You Could be Ruining Your Skin Daily

How You Could be Ruining Your Skin Daily

Kelly Zinzo

Our skin is our largest organ, and its purpose is to protect all our inside organs. Our skin comes into contact with tons of bacteria, stressors, and pollution every day that would normally cause harm to our internal organs. There are things that could be doing more damage than necessary to your skin than you. It is so important to protect our skin because it acts as a barrier for all our other organs. By doing so, we are doing our best to protect all our organs inside too, therefore, leading to an overall healthier life.

Are you knowingly damaging your skin?

Our skin faces the harsh effects of our environment every hour of every day. While everyone has different skin types that require different kinds of care, there are things that you could be doing that would make anyone’s skin age faster. Knowing what these habits are could help you protect your skin in the long run, so we’ve put together a list that might help you prevent premature aging.

  1. Spending too much time in the sun!

Many people love to tan and bask out in the sun on a perfectly good summer day. The sun can cause serious damage and injury to our skin cells though. Once the cells are injured irreparably, you are more prone to aging and skin cancer. It’s best to try to set a limit on how much time you spend in direct sunlight. Likewise, you should always apply sunscreen to help protect your skin during the time that you spend in the sun and avoid tanning beds.

  1. Smoking doesn’t just take its toll on your lungs.

Almost everyone is aware that smoking wreaks havoc on your lungs and heart, but it can also cause more wrinkles! Smoking does similar things to what the sun does to our skin, only it works from the inside out. It makes our skin appear tired, and it also yellows the skin, slows wound healing, and it interferes with the skin’s blood supply.

  1. We know that pimple is annoying, but don’t touch your face!

The urge can be hard to resist, we know. Picking at or popping pimples can make things worse or cause scarring. By touching your face consistently can transfer germs, dirt, bacteria, and sweat from your hands onto your face if your hands have not been recently washed. This could cause the breakdown of more skin cells, or make your breakout spread.

  1. Yet another reason you’ll want to stay hydrated.

You need water for every other organ in your body to function properly. What makes you think that your skin would be any different? Water provides your skin with a strong base for maintaining sweat and oil glands functionality, both of which aid in the ability to regulate the health of our skin. Water optimizes your skin health.

This is also part of the reason that alcohol will age your skin faster. Alcohol both dehydrates the body and causes inflammation. If you are going to drink alcohol it is best to make sure that you balance it with many glasses of water.

  1. Avoid the sugars.

Sugars have a very negative effect on the collagen, elastin, and protein fibers in our body and those are the main contributors to young and healthy skin. By avoiding sugars, your body will be able to produce these properly and keep your skin looking younger longer.

  1. Work on a steady sleep schedule.

Most Americans aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep every night and it’s not just affecting their brain’s ability to function at it’s best. Your skin does most of its repairing and rejuvenating while you are asleep. Not getting enough sleep makes your skin look dull and less lifelike.

As you can see, making small adjustments to your daily routines and habits can help you achieve healthier and younger-looking skin. While we want to provide you with facts that can help you change the appearance of your skin on a daily basis, Luxiny also has products that can help you keep your skin looking younger and help you reach your skincare goals. Visit our website today to find out more!

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