Nature’s most effective exfoliant, Salicylic acid, combines with Tea Tree oil’s antibacterial properties to cut through dirt and oils deep within the pores delivering hydrating moisture for amazingly soft & silky skin. Plethora of natural, potent ingredients to help keep your skin clear, moisturized, protected and keep it looking youthful, firm & plump.
  • Gently moisturizes all skin types, especially good for sensitive skin
  • Rich source of damage repairing antioxidants
  • Calms redness, itching & irritation caused by acne, rosacea & minor rashes
  • Encourages collagen production to stimulates new, youthful cell growth
  • Contains skin healing aloe
  • Coconut oil helps seal in nourishing hydration
  • No greasy or oily feeling
  • Tea Tree Face Cream

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