Litsea cubeba oil is extracted from the small pepper like fruits of the Asian litsea cubeba tree, an evergreen also known as May Chang. Litsea Cubeba has a crisp, citrus smell. Aromatherapists find that Litsea cubeba mixes well with many other essential oils, and have long been using it for its calming properties.

Mood booster
Strong anti-inflammatory elements to help to relieve pain in joints and muscles a
Said to have age-defying properties (high in antioxidants)
Helps oily acne-prone skin by contributing to balance sebum production
Most insects hate a citrus aroma, making Litsea Cubeba a good choice for repelling insects

Combine with a carrier oil to:
use as an anti-aging moisturizer
create a massage oil with a rejuvenating aroma
use as an insect repellent

Add a few drops to the diffuser of your choice to:
Uplift mood
Mix with another essential oil to create a unique aroma

Add a few drops
to daily facial cleanser for clean skin
to vinegar and distilled water to create an effective household cleaner

Litsea Cubeba essential oil blends well with Basil, Cedarwood, lavender, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Orange, Patchouli, Tea Tree, and Ylang Ylang.

Always mix Litsea Cubeba essential oil with a carrier oil before applying topically. A patch test should be performed before use for those with sensitive skin.

As a general rule, pregnant or nursing women should consult their physician before using essential oils.
Litsea Essential Oil

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