One whiff of this creamsicle sweet orange blossom hand soap will instantly remind you of your youth's joy-filled, carefree summer days. Keep your hands squeaky clean and your memories alive with this delightful Orange Creamsicle Foaming Hand Soap! A luxurious lather you'll love to lather, with a dreamy scent that'll have you feeling like a kid again.


NOURISH YOUR SKIN. Luxiny’s foaming hand soap is made with natural cleansing agents and plant-based oils that will leave your skin clean and soft. Made with three different plant-based oils, Luxiny’s foaming hand soap is moisturizing,

REFRESHING SCENT. Luxiny’s foaming hand soaps have a unique and refreshing scent that will brighten your day. You can choose from various scents that will help uplift your mood. For more earthy and natural scents, we have our essential oil foaming soaps, or for those looking for playful, romantic, relaxing, or exotic scents, we have our fragrance oil line.

PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS. Luxiny’s foaming hand soap is made with high-quality plant-based ingredients, which means our ingredients are natural, naturally derived, and vegan. We try our best to ensure that our ingredients are sustainably sourced and are environmentally friendly.

MADE IN THE USA. Luxiny’s foaming hand soap is made in Kimball, Michigan. We are proud to say our products are made in Michigan. We are proud to say that all of our products are made in the United States of America.

OUR PROMISE SAID IS OUR PROMISE KEPT. Luxiny is a women-owned and operated small business. Our products are made in America with nature's finest ingredients, free from silicones, parabens, and phthalates. Our all-vegan foaming soaps are Leaping Bunny certified. Our stateside customer service team is always ready to serve you, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Castor Oil
Potassium Hydroxide
Fragrance Oil
Vegetable Glycerin
Plant Derived Octanediol
Sea Salt
White Cane Sugar

Orange Creamsicle Foaming Hand Soap

Customer Reviews

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Good lather for a foam; nice scent

I am not generally a fan of foaming soap because I find it takes a lot more to actually get a good lather and to feel clean, but one pump of this soap does the job. The lather is creamy, and the soap doesn't dry out my hands too much (I have eczema, and prolific use of hand sanitizers has left my hands a sensitive mess at times, so I need my soap to be effective but gentle). It washes clean, without any residue. The orange Creamsicle scent is nice for summer. It's sweet, but the citrus prevents it from being cloying. I know a lot of people have complained about the price, but it's not much more than what I pay for soap from Bath & Body Works if it's not on sale, and it lasts longer than their foaming soap because I don't have to use as much (this is a 2-pack). Still, it's pricier than something like Softsoap, so I guess it depends on your buying habits. I like the moisturizing quality of this soap, and am willing to pay more for that + a scent I like. FWIW, my husband didn't hate it (he thinks all soap should smell like that orange stuff meant for mechanics, so he appreciates the orange, if not the Creamsicle lol).

Verified Amazon Customer
This soap smells really nice

This soap smells really nice I enjoy the orange scent. The foam is thick and it is doing a good job removing the dirt. The pump is easy to press.

Lynne C.

Love the feel of this soap on my hands! It never leaves a greasy feel nor does it dry out the skin. A very good product I highly recommend!!!

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