Carry the sea’s gentle breezes, filled with the fresh scent of crisp clean cotton linens hanging in the sun, into your washroom.


  • Infused with a combination of the clean linen & the fresh ocean breeze natural fragrance oils
  • Made with Olive Oil to deliver a deep moisturizing clean
  • Luxurious creamy foam cleans and soften hands
  • Coconut oil soothes sensitive and dry skin
Water, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Fragrance Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Optiphen, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar
Breezes & Sunshine Foaming Hand Soap

Customer Reviews

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Pricey foaming hand soap with a fresh scent

This set of foaming hand soap came very well packaged to avoid leaks.
The pumps are good quality and nice bottle design.
Light fresh scent as soon as you get some foaming hand soap. It does not last once your hands are completely rinse.
It is advertised as luxurious hand soap, which you can totally see on the price, but honestly I did not experience the WOW factor.
On the good side, it is nice to know this is cruelty free and vegan.

Verified Amazon Customer
Gentle but effective soap, pleasant mild scent

This Castile Liquid Foaming Hand Soap comes in many scent choices. I chose Breezes and Sunshine hoping for a mild scent that doesn't linger. We are all happy with this soap. It's hard to describe all the notes we detected but sort of delicately floral and linen. It makes a nice light foam and does a great job at cleaning hands. It can handle greasy messy hands and yet it's gentle and moisturizing. We love that it's plant-based. The bottle is small enough to fit anywhere. Great product!!

Verified Amazon Customer
Expensive but a really good foaming hand soap

This Castile soap liquid foaming hand soap is probably the best foaming hand soap I have ever used. It has a really rich and creamy texture that lathers very well, and unlike every other foaming hand soap I only need one pump for my hands. It also cleans really well and you actually feel like your hands are clean when you use this stuff.

The scent I would give 4 stars. I got the breezes and sunshine scent, and it smells like clean linen and lemon. It’s not to strong, but enough that you smell it when your using it. It doesn’t smell artificial like a lot of scents either. As for the pump quality, it seams to dispense the perfect amount with just a pump and is easy to use. I find the over all look of the bottle to be just ok though. It doesn’t have a very aesthetically pleasing look to it in my opinion, I would even go as far to say it looks cheap. But the foaming soap really does work very well! I also thing the price is steep for the amount you get, but again it really is a great hand soap!

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