The delicate scent of sun-sweetened raspberries mixed with the warm pleasing sweet scent of vanilla beans has a calming and comforting effect on mood.
Black Raspberry Vanilla Super Foaming Bath Bomb Dust helps soak your cares away.
Use as little or as much as you desire for your perfect soak.
Our Commitment
We carefully handcraft our naturally luxurious bath soak powders in small batches with natural, premium ingredients to assure you are getting the highest quality skincare product you deserve.
  • The comforting scent of vanilla helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Relaxes and soothes tense muscles
  • Contains Coconut Milk & Sweet Almond Oil to replenish lost moisture & promote collagen production
  • Feel refreshed, reduce stress & slow the signs of aging
  • Dissolve in a warm bath to boost circulation & encourage healing
  • Packed full of skin repairing antioxidants
Black Raspberry Vanilla Bath Bomb Dust

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