Luxiny is a skincare company that cares. We have chosen to use natural and naturally derived ingredients to create our healthy, effective & powerful skincare line. We believe the most effective and safest results come from harnessing the power from within nature. Our products do not contain any GMOs, they are sulfate-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, 100% vegan, made in the USA, and are NEVER tested on animals.
  • GIVE YOUR EYES A REFRESHED AND YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE. Packed with proven collagen boosting ingredients and powerful antioxidants, Luxiny Vitamin C eye cream is the best under eye treatment for reducing puffy eyes, decreasing under eye bags, and lessening the appearance of crow’s feet. It also works as an under eye brightener by decreasing dark circles.
  • THIS LUXURIOUSLY CREAMY anti wrinkle eye cream with Cocoa Butter, delivers deep, moisturizing hydration. Rich nutritious hydration that plumps and firms your skin to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles all day long.
  • BRING ABOUT AMAZING RESULTS WITH OUR MULTIVITAMIN SUPER INFUSED FORMULA that has four sources of Vitamin C, including Jojoba Seed Oil (which is known to contain the highest all natural form of Vitamin C). Vitamin E & A repairs damaged skin by promoting cell turnover, reducing inflammation, and evening out skin tone to help give your complexion a youthful radiant glow.
  • PRO TIP: To achieve greater results, morning and night cleanse with Luxiny Exfoliating Glycolic Acid Face Wash and Facial Toner. Then apply Luxiny Hyaluronic Acid Serum which carry’s moisture deep into the layers of your skin. Seal in the moisture with Luxiny Vitamin C face cream and Luxiny Vitamin C firming eye cream.
  • OUR PROMISE SAID IS OUR PROMISE KEPT. Luxiny is a women owned and operated company with products made exclusively in America from nature’s finest ingredients. We understand that not all products work for everyone. If you find our Vitamin C hydrating eye cream is not a good fit for your skin, please contact us within 30 days for your choice of a full refund or a replacement product that may be a better fit for you.
Vitamin C Eye Cream

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