Lift and wash away dirt, oils, & dead skin cells by harnessing Glycolic Acid’s phenomenal powers of exfoliation.


  • An all-natural gentle chemical peel & cleanser combined in one wash to give you younger looking skin
  • Safe enough to use every day, effective enough to get results
  • Loosen and wash away the acne causing dirt & oils clogging your pores
  • Use healing Aloe to soothe the irritation & inflammation caused by acne breakouts
  • Tea Tree’s antioxidants help repair and defend against damage caused by the sun
  • Supercharge your results by adding Luxiny Glycolic Acid Toner, Glycolic Acid Serum, & Glycolic Acid Cream to your skincare routine.

*Always apply sunscreen before starting and up to two weeks after stopping the use of any skin care product containing Glycolic Acid.  Like all AHAs, Glycolic Acid can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.  

Our Commitment

Our promise said is our promise kept.  Luxiny is committed to providing naturally luxurious products that are made exclusively in America and with nature’s finest ingredients.

Glycolic Acid Face Wash

aloe barbadensis leaf juice, water, sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, lauryl glucoside, coco-glucoside, glycolic acid solution, glycerol citric, glycerin, cucumber fruit extract, eriobotrya japonica extract, seaweed extract, lemon oil, tea tea oil, grapefruit seed oil, sunflower seed oil, calendula oil, jojoba seed oil, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin

Glycolic Acid Face Wash

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